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What is Stringalong all about?

Maybe you wanted to pick up your violin/viola/cello - but just didn't have the time? Or maybe it was a bad teacher that sucked the joy out of playing? You might just have decided that today is the day - but you don't know exactly what the next step is?

The joy of seeing someone discover their potential is what drives me and I decided to take it one step further.

And now we can stringalong,


We meet and learn together online. This allows you to be anywhere in the world and experience the learning at your own pace.


Want to meet face to face? Or have different exercises based on your goals? Flexibility is also something we deliver.

Personalized content

You will have access to personalized content to help you achieve your goals using videos and traditional exercises.


Watch as you grow and be a guide on your learning experience. Together we form the experience that helps you reach your goal.

What Students say

Who is Stringalong?

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Hi! My name is Sarah.

And I decided that I wanted to take one step further spreading joy and making people feel accomplished learning their instruments.

Having played string instruments since I was three years old, paired with my 20 years of teaching experience - I started stringalong, a place where you can feel accomplished.

Wherever you might be.

Feel free to contact me (sarah [AT] for further detail in how to set you up for success!

Some short facts about me

- Bachelor's degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

- Degree in educational teaching from the Stockholm Music Institute

- Certified Suzuki method educator

- Played with an orchestra for many years, touring the world.

- Internationally hired educational teacher for the violin and viola.

- Conductor of orchestras and choirs - another passion in my life.


Contact me

sarah[ AT ]